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Mag Level have been selling various lines of level measuring instrumentation since December 1997 and this year (2020) Mag Level is celebrating 23 years of supplying a top quality product backed by the best service in the South African and African market.

We offer a vast range of magnet-operated float level switches, magnetic level sensors and transmitters and magnetic or bypass level indicators all designed to customer specification and application criteria.

We offer custom made radar chambers and dual chamber solutions for all kinds of applications.

We also offer incremental encoders and counters from Germany.

We offer made to measure solutions for very different applications in chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas sector, in ship building, machinery and plant construction, in the foodstuffs industry, water treatment and environmental engineering.

The latest production techniques, uncompromising quality management and a large number of national and international approvals are prerequisites both for top quality and the good name of our company.

Our specialised knowledge makes us one of the leading supplier of instrumentation.